Round 14 – Results: Dan Jewell on a Roll

Please find attached the results of Round 14 from this weekend, with the exception of tonight’s Stoke v Tottenham match.

Dave has increased his lead to six points again, for the first time since Round 11 and Martin G has put himself into second place – a position he last held after Round 3.

Alex and Jamie S are tied at the top of the Player-of-the-Month table and Dan J finds himself on a nice little run having scored 41 points in the last five weeks.

30 (6) Alex Bridges
30 (6) Jamie Sawyer
27 (4) Dan McNeil
26 (4) Dan Jewell
25 (5) Jamie Cox
24 (4) Martin Gayton
23 (4) Darren Bellamy
22 (5) Trevor Shipton
22 (3) Dave Mason
21 (3) Martin Hayman

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