Round 16 – Predictions: Dave Holding Top Spot

Round 16 predictions have been e-mailed and added to the Facebook Group. You can also see them here: Round 16 Predictions.

Round 15 was probably the worst round ever in SPAPP – not one three-pointer in the whole week! Dan M topped the round with five points!

Just three rounds left this season. Dave has been top for every week of the season apart from Round One and doesn’t look like giving up that lead anytime soon with his six point lead.

The race for Player-of-the-Month looks like going to the wire, with just ten points covering the top fourteen places…

34 (6) Jamie Sawyer
34 (6) Alex Bridges
33 (4) Dan McNeil
31 (4) Dan Jewell
29 (5) Jamie Cox
28 (4) Martin Gayton
27 (5) Trevor Shipton
27 (4) Darren Bellamy
26 (3) Dave Mason
26 (3) Shaun Allen
25 (3) Martin Hayman
24 (2) Mike Hodgson
24 (3) Jason Brown
24 (2) Anthony Gribbon

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