Coming of Age: SPA Games Online

This Summer’s European Championship in France marks the 18th birthday of SPAGames. Ironically, that first ever predictions game was also held in France, the 1998 World Cup. To mark this coming of age, SPAGames is going digital – we have a website and everything!

1998 FIFA World Cup Logo
France ’98 – where it all started. Image:

Paper to Website

The first few competitions we organised were all run with pen and paper – those formative games only lasted for a couple of years before we moved to the Excel and email format. Excel and email have been the standard for about 16 years now and it’s high time we dragged ourselves into the 21st Century with a website, and here it is.

France 1998

That very first competition attracted nearly 200 entries and remains (in terms of entries) the most successful competition we’ve ever run. We photocopied a load of entry forms, handed them to a few people and before we knew it they were turning up all over the Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch area, until we had a couple of hundred returned to us. That tournament involved a lot of paper-shuffling!

France 2016

Whereas France 1998 marked the birth of SPAGames, France 2016 will be our first tournament run online and marks the 18th year of games. Remarkably, it will also be the tenth major Summer tournament we’ve catered for.

As ever our EURO16 predictions game is affordable and attractive to people of all levels of footballing knowledge. It’s cheap and easy to enter using our Online Entry Form…

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Premier Predictions

Naturally there’ll be room for our flagship game, SPA Premier Predictions (SPAPP). The plan here is for online play, results, tables, social and all sorts of other bits and bobs. SPAPP is just coming to the end of its fifth season. Each season is split into two halves – up to Christmas and post Christmas.

Social Stuff

We like to think of our players as friends of the site, or maybe members of our little SPAGames family. We’ll never be competing against the big boys of online prediction gaming, but what we lack in size, we hope to make up in engagement and involvement.

Round-by-Round snippets will form mini-stories in our Game News section. At the moment we post similar updates in our Facebook Group.

Taking of Facebook, a new Facebook Page has been created. Although it’s still very much a shell at the moment, the plan is to migrate our group members to the page and then use it to spread the SPAGames word.

Join the Family

Why not join us on this voyage as we evolve, grow and hone our predictions community. Membership of the site is free and you don’t have to play any of our games to be a member. So please, show your support by joining our family now… Join Now


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