Round 17 – Predictions: Mike into the Top Three

Please find attached predictions for this weekend’s penultimate Round 17.

Dave continues to go from strength-to-strength, dragging Martin G along with him – both managed three points for Chelsea’s fightback to two-all against Tottenham on Monday.

Dave is 15 points ahead of fourth place Martin H now and is pretty much guaranteed a money paying finish.

Mike finds himself in the top three after a 13 point haul last weekend – easily his highest position in this game. It’s Martin H who he displaces from the top three. Martin will have been disappointed with six points in the last round, but not as disappointed as he is to be behind Mike perhaps?

The race for the final Player-of-the-Month continues to be hotly contested, with eleven people probably rightly thinking they could still secure it…

41 (7) Martin Gayton
40 (6) Dave Mason
40 (5) Dan McNeil
38 (5) Mike Hodgson
38 (5) Dan Jewell
37 (7) Trevor Shipton
37 (6) Jamie Sawyer
37 (6) Alex Bridges
35 (5) Jamie Cox
35 (4) Shaun Allen
34 (5) Darren Bellamy

Next weekend’s Final Round predictions are due in by 4pm no Thursday (12th May).

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