Round 17 – Results: Game On Again!

Race for the SPAPP Title

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Well, after looking an absolute certainty to secure top spot, Dave’s lead from Martin G is down to just two going into the Final Round!

Not only that, but Mike continue’s his fine form (27 points in two weeks) and is only three points behind top spot in third place. Just a further three points behind him is Martin H.

So going into the final Round, just six points cover the top four places…
118 (18) – Dave Mason
116 (19) – Martin Gayton
115 (20) – Mike Hodgson
112 (17) – Martin Hayman
105 (15) – Anthony Gribbon



The race for the final Player-of-the-Month also remains pretty intense, with just six points also covering the top four there as well…
52 (9) Mike Hodgson
49 (9) Martin Gayton
46 (8) Jamie Sawyer
46 (7) Shaun Allen
44 (6) Dan Jewell


Round 17 was a nearly round for Ant. He managed to secure a huge 15 points, but it just wasn’t enough to take the One-Week-Wonder top spot, as Jamie S secured that in Round 13! Unlucky Ant, but at least you’re up to the dizzy heights of fifth spot!
So just one more round to try and snatch that £22 from Jamie.

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