Round 18 – Results: Dave Holds his Nerve to take the Title

Despite Mike’s late burst and constant pressure from Martin G, Dave has clinched his first SPAPP title, eventually finishing top of the pile by five clear points. That late season burst sees Mike claim his second Player-of-the-Month in-a-row after also claiming it in March.

Please find attached Round 18 Results.


In terms of league position, this was a dominant display from Dave. I’ve mentioned it more than once before, but it’s worth repeating – Dave was only not top after the first round of matches in Game Two – he then led the way for the next 17 Rounds!

As a point of interest, first after that opening round was Sarah, who scored a decidedly average six points – that set the tone for the rest of the game with poor round scores coming all too often for everyone. The average Total Score for the game was 107 per player. Only Game 01 of 2013/14 has been worse (at 100 per player).

Man Utd v Bournemouth

The unfortunate cancellation of the Man Utd v Bournemouth game has been re-arranged for Tuesday 17th May, but as with other postponed games during the course of the season, usually due to the weather, the result of that game will not count in SPAPP.

Congratulations to our Winner

So, congratulations Dave on a well deserved victory at the end of a historical season in the Premier League when Leicester City beat all the (5,000 to 1) odds and were crowned champions of England.


The prizes for SPAPP 2015/16 Game 02 were shared out as follows…

  • £66 – Winner: Dave Mason
  • £44 – Runner-up: Mason Gayton
  • £22 – Third Place: Mike Hodgson
  • £22 – Tenth Place: Jason Brown
  • £22 – One Week Wonder: Jamie Sawyer
  • £11 – PotM Jan: Dave Mason
  • £11 – PotM Feb: Shaun Allen
  • £11 – PotM Mar: Mike Hodgson
  • £11 – PotM Apr/May: Mike Hodgson

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