SPAGames Payout Passes £10,000

So, I got to thinking about how much money SPAGames has distributed in prizes over the years. Obviously it’s not going to be up there with the big boys, but my curiosity was pricked, so I set to work on the calculation.

Unfortunately, for various reasons like broken laptops and lost paperwork, much of the early years of SPAGames has been lost to history, so I had to rely on my (dubious) memory for many of the calculations.

Fantasy Football Years

I know for sure my first foray into the world of prediction gaming was the 1998 World Cup in France. This was followed with a couple of years running very low key, low volume fantasy football games. These were soon ramped-up to a 32 team Fantasy League with various cups and four divisions that ran for ten years. I can’t remember how much was charged for each season, but I’ve taken a best guess.

During the Fantasy Football Years I also ran an F1 Fantasy Game for a couple of seasons. I enjoyed running that, but it didn’t really gain any momentum – I still needed to include that (estimated) prize fund though.

A New Dawn

After retiring the Fantasy Football game we moved onto the current flagship game, SPAGames Premier Predictions (SPAPP). Even this game which is only five years old still has historical information missing, so yet more guesswork needed to be employed!

In addition to the above, we have also always run a competition for the big Summer Football tournaments – World Cups and European Championships. These have mostly been based on predicting the outcome of the tournament, but I can also remember running a couple of fantasy football competitions as well – yet more guestimates thrown into the mix!

Day Job

My day job as a Web Analyst makes me feel uncomfortable with all these guesses and assumptions, but I carried on regardless and quickly came to the conclusion that 18 years after that first game, for France ’98, SPAGames may be about to surpass a significant milestone during France ’16, that of paying out £10,000 in prize money!

So how exactly did I come to this conclusion? Well, hopefully the following table will shed some light on that.

[powr-graph id=571f6f31_1464126858346]

So Therefore…

By far the largest pay out has come from the Fantasy Football game – £6,400. I really enjoyed that game, but the admin on that became too much in the end. Next comes the current SPAGames flagship game, Premier Predictions. The amount paid out in that game is £2,160 (so far). The Summer International events have paid out £1,140, though these are the competitions with the most unreliable estimates. Finally, the two season F1 game weighs in with just £240.

All of the above gives us a total of £9,940, so barring a totally disastrous EURO16 Predictions game, we will pass the £10k mark later this Summer.

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  1. ***STOP PRESS***
    We did indeed pass the magical £10,000 after the end of EURO16 (but only just). The estimated amount we have paid out now is £10,006 – I would never have thought that possible 18 years ago with that first predictions game for World Cup ’98.

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