EURO16 Day 02 – England’s Entrance

For many of us EURO16 actually begins today. Either because there are three matches to see or solely because England enter the fray with their 8pm kick-off against Russia.

First up today though is the second match in Group A – Albania v Switzerland. Like the France game yesterday, the overwhelming prediction is for a Swiss win, but this time with two exceptions – Jamie and Matt have both predicted a draw (1-1 and 0-0 respectively).

Next up after that is the first home nations team, Wales. They take on Slovakia at teatime in Bordeaux. Welsh wins and draws are equally spread with a smattering of Slovakia wins for Dave, Mike and Woy.

Then comes the ‘highlight’ of the day when England take on Russia. There are five predictions for a draw, but everybody else has gone with England, mostly with them scoring at least two goals.

The Day

Well the first two matches of the day were very kind to both Martin and Alex as they pocketed a maximum six points, correctly predicting that Switzerland would beat Albania 1-0 and that Wales would triumph 2-1 over Slovakia.

In the evening, those five people who predicted an England/Russia draw made out like bandits with that late, late equaliser for Russia – 78 seconds into injury time.

Still a great day for Martin and Alex as they picked up six points. Oh and also for Shaun who actually did predict England to draw one each with Russia and is up to third.

You can see the Predictions and League Table in the EURO16 Members Area…

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