EURO16 Day 04 – Follow at Work!

Day Four of EURO16 is maybe the first of the tournament where you might need to find a way of following from your desk, van, site or other work place! It might be Monday, but the football’s still on!

Game one of the day sees Spain taking on the Czech Republic. 21 out of 22 players have gone for a Spanish victory (mostly by scoring two or more goals). The odd person out is the on form Alex who’s plumped for a 2-2 draw. Three people have made Spain their team of choice from Pot 1 – Anthony, Dave and Jason. Everybody bar Sharon and Mark have selected Spain to win Group D.

At 5pm you can follow the Republic of Ireland take on Sweden while you eat your tea. Interestingly, nobody has chosen an Irish victory – is that the Ibrahimovic affect perhaps? Half of our players (11) have chosen a 1-1 draw.

Belgium v Italy
FIFA Rankings: Belgium v Italy

The evening match is a mouth-watering match up between Italy and Belgium. The Belgians are currently ranked 2nd in the FIFA World Rankings, while Italy flounder one place behind England in eleventh. Despite the higher FIFA ranking, only two people have predicted a Belgian victory – Martin (2-0) and Jamie (1-0). Hopefully (for the neutral) Alex and Tom’s predictions are correct – three all!

The Day

Well the expected torrent of goals for Spain against the Czech Republic never arrived. Expected that is, unless you were Sharon or Woy, who both correctly predicted a narrow 1-0 victory for everybody’s favourite holiday destination. Many people scored a single point for that one, although Alex didn’t score any at all on his way to scoring nil points today!

The second match of the day saw Sharon scoring her second consecutive three points of the day (and third in four matches) as she correctly predicted that the Republic of Ireland would draw 1-1 with Sweden. Don’t forget that another ten players also scored three points for that result.

In the last twenty minutes of their match with Belgium, Italy decided they’d quite like to commit as many cynical yellow card fouls as they could! It was good enough to defend a 1-0 lead though and they secured a 2-0 victory two minutes in to injury time – still no team has scored more than two goals in this tournament. That second goal turned one point into three points for just two people – Dan and Rachel. Personally I saw a three-pointer disappear with that late goal, along with Fern and Jemma.

Today belongs to Sharon as she picked up seven points from a possible nine and moved into the top three.

You can see the Predictions and League Table in the EURO16 Members Area…

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