EURO16 Day 05 – All In

Day Five of EURO16 represents one-third distance in the Group Stages as the final four teams to make their debuts in this years competition arrive at the party. After today, every team will have played one match each.

A picture of Ronaldo, in case you didn't know what he looked like!
A picture of Ronaldo, in case you didn’t know what he looked like!

There are just two matches today, one at teatime (5pm) and another in the evening (8pm). Both are in Group F and sees the introduction Ronaldo, when Portugal take on Iceland in the evening game.

Unsurprisingly, nobody has predicted an Iceland victory, but two people have predicted a draw – Jason and Mark. Also, it’s widely expected that Portugal will score at least two goals, with only Jason and Mark (again) and Tom predicting just a single goal for the Portuguese.

The first match of the day pits neighbours Austria and Hungary together in a local derby. On the whole we’ve predicted this will be a tight low scoring game that will probably be won by Austria. Only Micheal and Rachel have predicted Hungarian wins.

The Day

So, one third of the way through the Group Stage (twelve matches) and still no team has scored more than two goals!

Today was a day of surprises. For a match day with just two matches, it surpassed all the other days so far for surprises. In the first game, World Number Ten team Austria slipped up against Hungary, going down 2-0. Max, Mike and Rachel were the only three players to benefit from that result. Max pocketed three points from that game and shot him up towards the top of the table.

Then came a determined Iceland performance to hold Portugal to a 1-1 draw. Before kick-off it was all about Ronaldo – fact is he was uninspired and Portugal failed to perform as a result. Similar to the Austria v Hungary game, only two people benefited from the surprise result, both scoring three points… Jason and Mark.

As a result, Jason moves to the top of the table.

In another point of note, after a strong start to the game Alex has now drawn a blank in five consecutive matches.

You can see the Predictions and League Table in the EURO16 Members Area…

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