EURO16 Day 07 – Home Nations Ahoy!

Day Seven of EURO16 sees the return of all three Home Nations Teams – England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The Preview

Man-for-man you would expect England to make easy work of Wales, but after Russia’s late equaliser on Saturday and Wales’ win against Slovakia, means there’s less pressure on the Welsh. There are a few draws predicted, well, only five actually and all other predictions are for an English win. There is a whole spread of predictions, from a 3-3 draw (Alex) to one nil wins for England – four of those.

Gareth Bale congratulates his Welsh teammates for being so passionate!
Gareth Bale congratulates his Welsh teammates for being so passionate!

Gareth Bale has had his say by suggesting the Welsh squad are more passionate than the English – that’s added a bit of spice. To be fair, I wonder if he might have a point!

The teatime match sees Northern Ireland hoping to bounce back from their 1-0 defeat to Poland last weekend, when they take on Ukraine who lost themselves in the first match, 2-0 to Germany. A draw in this fixture won’t suit either nation, so the six people who have predicted one may well miss out. Of the other 16 predictions, eleven are for a Ukranian victory.

I find it surprising that five people have predicted a draw for the evening match – Germany v Poland. But even more surprising is the Poland victory predicted by Woy! At the time of writing, Woy had gone six games without scoring a point – maybe he was distracted when completing this part of the form!

So What Happened?

Late goals – that’s pretty much what happened. So far there have been ten goals scored in the 87th minute or later! Also, we’re now at the half-way point of the Group Phase. 18 matches have been played and still no team has scored more than two goals! There have been a number of late goals so far in those 18 matches, including in two of today’s three matches.

The first was in the England v Wales match. Having gone one ahead, Wales colluded to throw that lead away as England scored the winner two minutes into injury time. That result netted three people a maximum three points, along with a single point for a further nine players.

The second late goal came in the Ukraine v Northern Ireland match, but this time it didn’t change the outcome. Northern Ireland were already winning the match 1-0 when substitute Niall McGinn stepped u and scored to secure the win in the 96th minute! Only Sarah secured three points from that result. Indeed, that was Sarah’s third straight maximum haul.

The third match of the day had no late goals, in fact, it had no goals at all as Germany (who were second best at times) played out at 0-0. Just five people scored one point each for that, and really Poland should have buried at least one of the guilt-edged opportunities.

You can see the Predictions and League Table in the EURO16 Members Area…

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