EURO16: It’s Alex’s to Lose

Alex could be crowned Champion tonight, unless Iceland beat home nation, France, in their Quarter-Final clash in Paris.

Jason is the only player who can nick the title from Alex, but for that to happen, Iceland have to get past France tonight and then Germany in the semi-final and then win the final against either Wales or Portugal next Sunday in the Final! Jason is currently ninth.

Mark has the most to lose if Wales get past Portugal and make the final he will drop to third immediately, with the prospect of dropping out of the top three should Wales then win the final.

Rachel would move in to second if Wales make the final, but that’s the highest she can hope for.

Anthony is likely to fall like a rock. Currently sixth, he only has France left (like everybody else). He will probably drop into the bottom half by the end of the tournament as Germany (and maybe Wales) collect additional points.

You can see the full league table in the EURO16 Members Area…

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