EURO16: Possible Outcomes

The title is in the bag for Alex, but what about those other prize paying positions? Could you be in with a shout of some cash?

Alex Crowned Champion

After Iceland failed (spectacularly) to defeat France in the Quarter-Final, the title of SPAGames Euro16 Champion was destined to be bestowed upon Alex. So, congratulations Alex, but what of those other prize paying positions?

The Bridesmaids

This is a little involved, so bear with me on this one! If, as seems likely, my attempted explanation is poor, feel free to see the table of possible outcomes further down the article.

The current top three (Alex, Mark and Rachel) will remain unchanged unless Wales get past Portugal and make it to the final.

If Wales lose in the Final, Rachel and Mark will swap places. In the (unlikely) event that Wales win the final and are crowned European Champions, Rachel will claim second spot, while Mark’s place in the top three will be taken by Dan.

Mid-Table Madness

But what about tenth place? Well, that’s even more complicated!

Currently Martin is holding on to tenth place. There is no combination of Semi-Final and Final results that will see Martin holding that position at the end of the tournament!

If Germany win the Final, tenth will be shared between Mike and Sharon. If Germany lose the Final to Portugal, Anthony will pick up the prize and add it to his Section One prize money.

If France and Portugal are the finalists, Jason will secure tenth regardless of the final outcome.

If it’s a France v Wales Final, Sarah and Damian will share the prize, regardless of the result. And finally, if Wales beat Germany in the Final, Max will slot in to tenth.

EURO16 - Final Stages

These are the possible outcomes of SPAGames EURO16 Predictions Game from the semi-final onwards.
Result of the FinalWinner (£26.40)Runner-Up (£16.50)Third Place (£9.90)Tenth Place (£6.60)
Germany beat PortugalAlexMarkRachelMike & Sharon
Portugal beat GermanyAlexMarkRachelAnthony
France beat PortugalAlexMarkRachelJason
Portugal beat FranceAlexMarkRachelJason
Germany beat WalesAlexRachelMarkMike & Sharon
Wales beat GermanyAlexRachelDanMax
France beat WalesAlexRachelMarkDamian & Sarah
Wales beat FranceAlexRachelDanDamian & Sarah

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