Congratulations EURO16 Champion: Alex

Our champion may have been known as soon as the quarter-finals were finished, but that (hopefully) won’t have dampened the sense of achievement felt by all our prize winners, who we salute here, along with some other notable ‘achievements’. 

Alex: Zero to Hero!

Mr Alex Bridges - SPAGames EURO16 Champion
Mr Alex Bridges – SPAGames EURO16 Champion

In the Premier Predictions game that finished just a month before the start of EURO16, Alex came (what must have been) a disappointing 19th – one place from the bottom of the pile.

It seems that he was much better at predicting the outcome of international matches, rather than the unpredictable nature of the Premier League last season, as he swooped in to take top spot in our EURO16 Predictions game and bagged himself £26.40.

Alex’s success was built on his Pot Teams – Germany, Wales and France all progressed to at least the semi-finals. His total of sixty points for these teams was higher than all other players.

“I’m really pleased to have won. Taking part made some of the less interesting games a bit more interesting, the likes of Albania vs Romania I perhaps wouldn’t have taken much notice of.

Above all else, the most important bit is that it’s great to have beaten my dad, by a fair amount. Let’s hope I can carry this onto next season! Thank you Simon for taking time out to organise the competition.”

EURO16 Predictions Winner, Alex Bridges

Dave: Hero to Zero!!

In a complete mirror image of Alex’s fortunes, Dave’s fall from grace was a bit surprising. Having dominated the last game of SPAPP (only not being top after Round 1), Dave could only manage 21st (of 22) in the EURO16 predictions.

We’ll wait and see if he’s up to the task of defending his SPAPP crown soon enough – something nobody has ever successfully achieved to date.

Nearly, but not Quite

Although Alex secured the title with time to spare, the gap in terms of points at the top was pretty close.

New boy Mark finished just one point behind Alex as he secured £16.50 for Runner-Up while third place Rachel was, in turn, just one point behind Mark. It wasn’t Rachel’s first time in a SPAGames competition, having previously played SPAPP in the 2014/15 season.


Jason won himself £6.60 for mid-table mediocrity, by ‘successfully’ securing tenth place, while a cracking start to the tournament saw Anthony pick up the Section One  winner prize (also) of £6.60.

£10,000 in Prizes

Earlier in the Summer we looked at how SPAGames had almost paid out £10k in prizes. Well, we just about made the £60 that was needed to achieve that, so it gives me great pleasure to reveal that we have now paid out £10,006 of prizes since 1998 🙂

Final Tables

You can see the final league table in the EURO16 Members Area.

What’s Next?

The new Premier League season starts 13th August and SPAGames will be there with our eleventh edition of Premier Predictions. We’ll be inviting all of you along to play in the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye out for that.

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