Round 02: Big Weekend for Dan (and Laura!)

You might have assumed scoring 13 SPAPP points in Round 02 and hitting top spot would have been the highlight of Dan’s weekend, but according to social media, it’s having his girlfriend become his fiance!

Round 02 Update (1170x500)
Yes, I know, it’s immature… but it made you smile didn’t it?!

Odd as it seems, Dan may not have been taking a lot of notice as he powered his way to 13 points via three exacts and four single-point matches. The most impressive prediction has to be Burnley to beat Liverpool 2-0! Surely a typing error on his part?! Maybe his mind was full of flowers and hearts! Regardless Dan – I’m looking forward to receiving the invitation.

“…For all the things good and bad things we’ve been through, our love for each other grows stronger and stronger every day! I wanna grow old with you Laura,I love you to the moon and back. And you’ve made me the happiest man on this earth.”

Dan Jewell, on proposing to his girlfriend

Other Stuff

Simon (that’s me!) chipped in with a double-digit week as well, securing ten points and moving on to 17 points, two points off Dan at the top. Dave’s title defence continues to be on track, just one point behind top, despite only predicting nine matches at the weekend.

Top of the Table

Just two points now cover the top nine places…

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Round 02 Scores

Here are everyone’s scores for Round 02…

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