Round 03: Big Scoring Weekend

The weekend of Round 03 was a high-scoring one, with three players scoring 15 points and another seven with double-figure scores.

Double Figure Points

Eight players had achieved double figure scores just from Saturdays eight matches, with three of those – Darren, Mike and Thomas – going on to score an impressive 15 points by the end of the weekend.

Mike was ahead of the pack for the round (13 points) and top of the league after the Saturday teatime match – and that from just eight matches.


In a standard round, defending champion Mike’s 8 pounds points would have been quite respectable, but not this weekend – eight points was only good enough for 13th best!

Another recently crowned champion, Alex (EURO16), also struggled this weekend, scoring an equal lowest six points.

As we enter the first international break of the season, Darren heads the table by one point from Gareth and Mike, with Jamie S one point further back in fourth.

The next match to predict is on 10th September.

Round 03 Scores

No match data available.

Click here to see the full league table.

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