Round 06: Dan Grabs Player of the Month

Dan hit top spot on Saturday afternoon for the first time since the end of Round 02 to snatch the Player of the Month prize (£12.15) from under the noses of Jamie (S), Martin (G) and Mike. Dan last won a Player of the Month in December 2014 on his way to winning Game 01 of the 2014/15 season.

Dan’s 54 points was scored from 60 matches (an average of 0.90 per match) and includes nine exacts and 27 one-pointers, meaning he scored nil points in 24 matches, giving him a 60% success rate.

Shaun topped the Round 06 table with 11 points and slots into 15th in the One Round Wonder table.

Round Points

No match data available.

Overall Points

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