Round 08: Jamie on a Roll

While Mark is going about his business of amassing the most points so far in October, it’s Jamie (S) who is turning the screw at the top of the table.

Jamie has now opened a four point gap at the head of the, with a gaggle of five players covered by just three points chasing him down.

Round 08 was a pretty low-key affair, with top scorer, Mike, scoring just eight points.

Mark has a four point lead at the top of the race for Player-of-the-Month, with Shaun chasing him hard in second place. That good start to the month has seen Mark rise to third overall, just one point behind Mike.

Below you can now see three tables. One for the Round (08 in this case), one for the month-to-date, including Round 08, and finally the total points to-date, also including those scored in Round 08.

Round Points

No match data available.

Month Points

No match data available.

Overall Points

No match data available.

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