Entry for Game Two is Open

December will see a hectic end to Game 01 of SPAGames Premier Predictions 2016/17. They’ll be 58 matches to predict in the space of just 28 days, across 15 matchdays!..

Just remembering to submit your predictions will be as important as actually getting them correct as we race towards the end of the game and the first prize giving of the season.

The End is Nigh!

Traditionally we see a rash of fixtures over the festive period and 2016 is no exception. There isn’t a break at all in December, in fact, there’s even a full fixture list in mid-week shortly before Christmas (13th and 14th December).

Over £36 in prizes have already been claimed so far in Game 01 (Players-of-the-Month) and a further £200+ is still up for grabs.

There are prizes still available for the Winner, Runner-up, third and tenth places at the end of the game as well as December’s Player-of-the-Month and One Round Wonder.

The full prize list for Game 01 can be found in this article.

Game 02 is Coming… well, actually, it’s Open Already!

As well as the hectic end to Game 01, we also need to turn our attention to the start of Game 02 and the continued success of SPAPP online.

There’s no limit to the number of people who can play our game now, so get your thinking caps on and challenge your mates to come along and give it a go – even if it’s just for one game – they might become regular players and rivals.

The cost of Game 02 has been kept at £15, with 90% being returned in the form of prizes. This is regardless of the number of entries… so, the more entries, the greater the prize pot.

You can enter now by going to our Memberships page and clicking Signup on the ‘Premier Predictions – 2016/17: Game 02’ option .

If we were able to get thirty entries, we could introduce a prize for twentieth place (similar to our tenth place prize), to keep everyone interested until the end.

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