Go, Go, Go Game 02!

Premier Predictions continues with a new game in the new year, with plenty of opportunities to win money in Game 02 of the 2016/17 season.

So what am I going to get for my money when I play SPAGames Premier Predictions after Christmas?

  • Entry fee held the same as Game 01
  • 22% increase in Total Prize Fund over 2015/16 games
  • Online game play
  • Enter your predictions 24/7
  • On any device from anywhere in the world

…Entry Fee Held

The entry fee for SPAPP has been held at £15 for Game 02. The fee was increased at the start of Game 01 this season to help the game go online and cut out emails backwards and forwards. A vast majority (90%) of the fee is returned in the Prize Fund, but essentially the rest will be used to fund the various bits and pieces needed to run the website.


The Prize Fund for a twenty player game would increase by 22%, meaning an increase of £50, to £270. The game winner in this scenario would receive £81, compared to the £66 last season. There are nine different ways of winning prize money in our game… have a look how the prize money was distributed in Game 01.

…Online Game Play

With your SPAGames login, you’ll be able to enter or amend your predictions on any device, anywhere in the world, 24/7, right up until 15 minutes before the scheduled kick-off time of any match – as long as you have an internet connection, obviously!

The 2016/17 version of Premier Predictions is being run entirely on this website, with the ability to enter predictions for all matches right at the start if you really feel the need!

…Unlimited Players

Another benefit of our new online version is unlimited players. We’ve always been limited to just 20 players per game, due to restrictions in my time and the set-up of the admin workbook in Excel. With our new online version there is no limit to the number of players and because it’s fully automated, there would be very little impact on admin time as well.


…Money for Improvements

Last season £1 of each entry (8.34%) was retained to administer the game. The admin percentage was increased at the start of the 2016/17 season to 10% – so £1.50 of each £15. This has allowed me to build a little money to help towards the cost of the website.

While it’s not a large outlay, it would be good if the site were to become self-sufficient at some point in the future, and a slight increase in retained revenue is a step in that direction.


Thanks for reading this far and I genuinely hope you’ll stick around and continue to play our game. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the evolution of the site and our games as much as I will.


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