Round 17: The End is Nigh

The end of Game 01 is really getting close now – the fight for the runner-up position is where the action is as Jamie’s lead looks unassailable now.


Second to sixth positions are covered by six points with just 18 more matches left to predict. Both Martins, Simon, Mike and Darren will all be quietly thinking they can make second place their own, but catching Jamie S is probably a step to far.

Jamie is champion elect in his fifth game of SPAGames Premier Predictions. His form in December has been so consistent he tops the Player-of-the-Month table by three points from Darren and has a virtually unassailable lead at the top of the main table.

The Merseyside derby on Monday was the last match this side of Christmas, but don’t forget to enter you predictions for the 18 matches that will be played between Christmas Day and New Years Eve. Remember, you can enter and save your predictions, then come back at a later time and change your mind.

Game 02

Also don’t forget that entry is open for Game 02 of the 2016/17 season – you can enter here.
I’ve delayed the start of Game 02 until the 14th January. As I’ve never transitioned from one game to another on the website, this is to buy me some time for the administration and any possible issues encountered.


Below you can see three tables – one for the current Round, one for the month-to-date standings, and finally the total points to-date.

Round Points

No match data available.

Month Points

No match data available.

Overall Points

No match data available.

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