SPAPP 16/17: Game 02 Prize Fund

Here we go then – the second edition of SPAGames Premier Predictions for the 2016/17 season. Once again we’re 100% online, but this time with a record high number of entries.

This is the twelfth game of Premier Predictions as we head towards the end of our sixth season.

We have 21 entries for Game 02 of the 2016/17 season. This represents the most players ever to play SPAPP. All players from Game 01 have come back for more and have been joined by two new players (Derek and Craig) as well as a returning player (Chris) who missed Game 01.

In Game 01, six people, that’s a third of all players, won some money during the course of the game…

SPAPP 16/17 - Game 01 - Winners

Player£ WonTitles
Jamie Sawyer£78.98Shared Player of the Month for December (£6.08) and Crowned Champion (£72.90)
Simon Allen£48.60Runner-up
Mark Vincent£36.45Player of the Month for October (£12.15) and One Round Wonder (£24.30)
Darren Bellamy£30.38Shared Player of the Month for December (£6.08) and Third Place (£24.30)
Dan Jewell£26.45Player of the Month for Aug/Sep (£12.15) and Tenth place (£24.30)
Martin Hayman£12.15Player of the Month for November

The prize fund has set a record for the second consecutive game and stands at £283.50. The prize fund will be split as follows…

Prize Fund

WinnerSPAPP Winner at the end of the Game£86.00
Runner-upThe player in second place at the end of the game£64.50
Third PlaceThe player in third place at the end of the game£43.00
Fourth PlaceThe player in fourth place at the end of the game£43.00
Tenth PlaceThe player in tenth (yes, tenth) place at the end of the game£43.00
Twentieth PlaceThe player in tenth place at the end of the game (OMG, 20th!?)£21.50
One Round WonderThe player who scores the most points in a single round. A round is considered to be a group of ten matches played over one weekend or mid-week schedule£43.00
Player of the Month (x4)The player who scores the most points in each calendar month. The first prize is awarded for August & September combined£21.50

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