2016/17 – Game 02 – Round 02: Short Month

January might seem like it’s going on forever, what with it being cold, after Christmas and just generally a bit shit, but as far as SPAPP goes, it’s a really short month!

We’ve only predicted ten matches so far, and there are just another 17 matches to go before the January prize of £14.18 is won – maybe the least number of matches we’ve ever seen in a Player-of-the-Month.

Ten of those matches are this weekend, starting with Liverpool v Swansea at Saturday lunchtime on BT Sport and finishing with Chelsea v Hull on Sunday tea time (Sky Sports). Don’t forget to enter your predictions and maybe take a look at some interesting snippets from Round 01’s press coverage last weekend to help your thinking.

The final seven matches in January are on Tuesday 31st when there is a full mid-week fixture list (completed on Wednesday 1st February) – that’s after a break next weekend for the FA Cup Fourth Round.


Below you can see three tables – one for the current Round, one for the month-to-date standings, and finally the total points to-date.

Round Points

No match data available.

Month Points

No match data available.

Overall Points

No match data available.

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