2016/17 – Game 02 – Round 03: Midweek Madness?

We’ve a spot of midweek madness for Round 03, as well as your first opportunity to win some money in Game 02.

There are seven matches on Tuesday (31 January), including Liverpool v Chelsea on BT Sport – kick-off at 8pm. Being the last day in January, these seven matches are the final opportunity to score points in the race to be Player-of-the-Month and pick up the £14.18 prize money.

Incidentally, Tuesday also sees the transfer window slam shut. I’m not sure why it’s often described as slamming, but I’ve seen and heard it used in so many high-profile places, that it must be true!

The remaining three matches in the round are on Wednesday and includes more BT Sport coverage when West Ham take on Man City at 7:45pm.

Don’t forget to enter your predictions and maybe take a look at some interesting snippets from Round 02’s press coverage to help your thinking.


Below you can see three tables – one for the current Round, one for the month-to-date standings, and finally the total points to-date.

Round Points

No match data available.

Month Points

No match data available.

Overall Points

No match data available.

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