2016/17 – Game 02 – Round 13: Racing to the Line

Racing towards the end of Game 02 as we enter the final stages of the Premier League season.

Darren and Gareth are starting to make the race for the title a two horse race – there’s a seven point gap from their 100 points back to Martin (H) in third on 93. The chasing pack includes Martin (G) and Jamie (S) on 91, followed by Shaun (87), Mark (86), Simon (84) and Chris (83).

The Player-of-the-Month will run until the end of the season now. Jamie (S) has a healthy six point lead here over Martin (H) and Darren (25) leading the chasing pack. Just behind them, Gareth, Jamie (C), Derek and Simon all have 24 points.

A haul of 15 points in a round (1.5 per match) is needed to go top of the One-Round-Wonder table after Simon set the pace with 14 points in Round 05. Martin (G) and Ian have both equaled that haul, but the prize (£28.35) would currently be collected by Simon as he set it first.


Below you can see three tables – one for the current Round, one for the month-to-date standings, and finally the total points to-date.

Round Points

No match data available.

Month Points

No match data available.

You can also see previous Player-of-the-Month tables.

Overall Points

No match data available.

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