2016/17 Game 02 – The Final Sprint

We’re well into the final leg of the 2016/17 Premier League season now, and the next four weeks will see 57 Premier League matches played in just 29 days – it’s gonna be like a World Cup! In that four weeks, only nine days will not see at least one Premier League match being played – it’s going to be a full-on end to the season.

One Round Wonder

We all have a new One-Round-Wonder total to aim for if we want to collect the £28.35 prize for that achievement.

Last week Craig secured 15 points (at an average of 1.5 points per match). He didn’t overtake Simon’s 14 points, set in Round 05, until full-time of the last match in the round, which he correctly predicted as being a 2-1 win for Arsenal at Middlesbrough’s Riverside Stadium on Easter Monday evening.

The new amount now needed to top that table is 16 points. With just five full rounds to go, Craig could be feeling pretty confident right now.

Top of the Table

The gap between the top two and everybody else widened by another two points over the weekend. Gareth and Darren have been battling it out at the top for a few weeks now and still they are locked on the same points – 108 a piece.

Their nearest ‘challengers’ are Jamie S (99), Martin H (98) and Martin G & Shaun (both on 97). If anybody else is to enter the fray for top spot, they’re likely to come from this chasing group, but  they need to make a move soon, otherwise it’s going to be too late.

No match data available.

Players in Form

In terms of recent performance, Jamie (S) is the player on the move. So far in April he has out-scored his nearest rival (Derek) by five points. After that, nine players are covered by just three points in the race for Player of the Month.

No match data available.

Remember, the final Player of the Month runs from the beginning of April and ends at the end of the season and includes all matches in that period, including re-arranged fixtures, so don’t forget to predict those random midweek matches.

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