2016/17 – Game 02 – Round 18: Final Round

Just ten matches left now then. By teatime on Sunday afternoon we’ll know the winners of all prizes for Game 02 of the 2016/17 SPAPP season.

Overall, Player-of-the-Month, One Round Wonder and all other prize paying positions will be secured when all ten Premier League matches kick-off at 3pm on Sunday afternoon.

One Round Wonder

Everyone still has the opportunity to take the One Round Wonder prize (£28.35), but you’re gonna need to score 16 points to dislodge Craig from top spot – that is no small amount at all!


This one seems to have been going on forever! After Jamie (S) early form, he’s been pulled back in by a number of pretenders to the crown.

Derek now sits top of this table, but his lead over the chasing pack could easily get wiped out by results in the last ten matches – just five points cover the top eight places. In the event that the top two (or more) have the same points, then the prize (£14.18) will be shared equally amongst those involved.


Gareth and Darren have been trading blows at the top of  the table for a few weeks now and I feel it’s fitting that they are locked on 138 points-a-piece as we enter the last round.

Mark (134) and Martin H (133) are just about about hanging on in there for a shout at top spot, but realistically, they’re squabbling over the third place prize of £28.35.

There’s a small gaggle of players who will be hoping to snatch third place away from Mark or Martin, but in reality, they’re probably going to fall in that no-man’s- land between top three and tenth place.

Ten for Tenth

I like to include a prize for tenth place, it helps to keep those involved who aren’t in the hunt for a top three finish. Ten percent of the total prize fund is given over to the prize, which this year is £28.35.

Why not take a look at the full list of prizes that will be awarded at the end of the game.

Round Points

No match data available.

Month Points

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You can also take a look at previous Player-of-the-Month tables.

Overall Points

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