Flash Game: Cup Finals Goals

So, this is pretty short notice, hence the Flash Game title! Fancy a game to encompass the Europa Cup, FA Cup and Champions League finals? Then read on… it’s simple, and it’s quick, which is probably just as well!

The game is based on just those three end-of-season cup finals and the premise is simple – how many goals will be scored? There is a catch… this is a blind sweepstake, so you don’t get to choose how many goals, that will be decided at random!

There’s only room for 16 players, so get your entry in as-soon-as-possible.

To enter, get in touch using one of the following methods…

Here are the rules…

  • It’s £2 per play to enter and all money will be returned in prizes.
  • The Winner takes the whole prize pot.
  • Once you’ve paid your entry fee, you’ll be randomly allocated a number of goals between 0 and 14 or a 15+.
  • Each “Ticket” will only be owned by one person – so if you have 12 goals, then no-one else will.
  • In the event that the winning Ticket isn’t owned, then the prize will be given to the nearest owned Ticket that doesn’t exceed the total number of goals.
  • Only goals scored in 90 minutes and/or Extra Time will be counted – penalty shoot-outs will not count.
  • Payment can be taken by cash or direct into our Cahoot account only (Sort Code: 09-06-40 Account No: 17663030).
  • No pay, no play.
  • Entry fee must be received by 19:30 on Wednesday 23rd May.
  • Existing SPAGames members may use credit where it’s available.
  • A table of entries will be made available for all to see.

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