2017/18 – Game 01 – Round 07

Saturday of Round 07 is the last opportunity to score points in the race for the August/September Player-of-the-Month.

Round Overview

Realistically, any of the top six could consider themselves in with a chance of winning the £14.18 prize for Player-of-the-Month.

Jamie (S) has the smallest of advantages over Ian and Trevor just behind him, with Jamie (C) and Martin (H) a further one point behind.

Dan, in sixth, is just four points off top spot. Anyone further down would need some luck to make it to the top by the end of Saturday.

There’s also another International Break on the horizon, which means they’ll be no Premier League football next weekend, so you can all have the weekend off from SPAPP.

The top six positions at the start of Saturday...

No match data available.

Round Points

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Month Points

No match data available.

You can also take a look at previous Player-of-the-Month tables.

Overall Points

1. Steve Keay^ 17
2. Simon Allen*** 16
3. Martin Hayman 15
4. Paul Vincent 15
5. David Mason* 14
6. Liam Sutton 14
7. Gary Alcroft 14
8. Mike Hodgson**** 14
9. Ahmed Shahin* 13
10. Carl Filer 13
11. Cynthia West 13
12. Nick Clark 13
13. Pete Sutton 13
14. Miles Chapman* 12
15. Gareth Bridges* 12
16. Lloyd Hide 12
17. Martin Gayton 12
18. Marcus Allen 11
19. Martin Magookin* 11
20. Mark Vincent 11
21. Neale Ray 11

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