SPAPP Review: October 2017

October was another competitive Premier Predictions month – Game 01 is really starting to take shape now. Let’s take a look at who the movers and shakers were in the last few weeks, and also, just who has won November’s PotM in each of the last three seasons…

Player of the Month

The Player of the Month prize will be shared equally between the in-form Martin Hayman and the returning (to SPAPP) Cynthia West. Both players scored 30 points from 33 predictions, at an average of 0.91 points per match. They share the £14.18 prize and will receive £7.09 each.

Jamie Sawyer missed out on a third consecutive Player-of-the-Month prize by just three points, finishing the month on 27 points (0.90 points per match).

Looking forward to the November Player of the Month, it’s interesting to note that Martin Hayman has won the November prize in each of the last three season – 2014, 2015 (both £11) and last season for £12.15.

One Week Wonder

I’ve previously spoken about the 13 point weekly barrier that seems to be in place this season at the moment. Last week, it was (the in-form) Martin Hayman’s turn to crash into that particular barrier! It’s the second time this Game that Martin has scored 13 – it’s the first occasion (in Round 05) that currently sits atop the table, alongside Jamie Cox who also scored 13 in Round 05.  Take a look at the O-R-W table.


At the top of the Main Table Jamie Sawyer has built himself a three point lead over Ian Hodgson, who is having his best run yet in his SPAPP career. The in-form Martin Hayman (who is getting a lot of mentions!) is in third a further two points back.

Defending Champion, Gareth Bridges, is mid-table on 68 points, while the younger Bridges, Alex, is five points above his dad in sixth place.


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