2017/18 – Game 01 – Round 11


It’s a short two day round this weekend, with six matches on Saturday followed by four on Sunday.

Round 11 is the start of November and we’re also half-way through Game 01 of the 2017/18 season already.

What a fixture line-up on Sunday – in those four matches, all five teams at the top of the Premier League are playing.

Make the most of this weekend as it’ll be followed by another International Break next week.

One Round Wonder

It’s curious that the target for One-Round-Wonder remains 14 points and that there still seems to be a block to beating the current best One Round Score of 13. There have been no less than six round scores of 13 so far – will this be the Round where Jamie Cox and Martin Hayman are dislodged from the top?

Round Points

No match data available.

Month Points

No match data available.

You can also take a look at previous Player-of-the-Month tables.

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