SPAPP Review: November 2017

Jamie Sawyer secured his third Player-of-the-Month out of four in November.

 Player of the Month

The only month recently that Jamie hasn’t won the Player of the Month prize was October. If we include all of Jamie’s Player-of-the-Month winnings (December 2017, April/May 2017, August/September 2017 and November 2017), then we see he has secured £48.62 in Prize Money just in monthly prizes alone.

Jamie’s two closest rivals at the end of the month were Darren Bellamy and Derek Wilson, both just two points behind on 30 (0.75 points per match compared to Jamie’s 0.80).

One Week Wonder

Now I keep saying it, but it still remains true since Round 05 – nobody seems to be able to break the 13 point barrier and replace Jamie Cox and Martin Hayman at the top of the One-Round-Wonder table. We’re now up to seven scores of 13 in a single round, including a second entry for Martin Hayman. There are just six rounds left in this game to get that elusive 14 points (or maybe even more!).


Jamie Sawyer has been top of the Overall Table for 52 consecutive Premier League matches, that’s (obviously) just over five game rounds. He now has a six point lead over Ian Hodgson (112) in second, with the Two Martins (Hayman and Gayton) leading the chasing pack on 104 points.

The only other two players to have topped 100 points so far are Trevor Shipton and Darren Bellamy, both on 101.

The Month Ahead

As usual, December is packed full of Premier League action. There are 70 matches to predict in just 30 days, including eight matches on Boxing Day and another full mid-week fixture list on the 12th and 13th December.

Don’t forget Game 01 of Premier Predictions will end with those matches being played on New Years Eve – so it’s a dash to the finishing line from now until the end of the year for Game 01.

Game 02

Premier Predictions Game 02 of the 2017/18 season will start on the 13th January 2018 – this is to give the admins i.e. me, the opportunity to close down Game 01 and set-up Game 02.

Invitations for Game 02 will be sent out in mid-December – don’t forget to share those invitations with your friends, family, colleagues and complete strangers down the pub who you simply have to tell you love when your nine-sheets-to-the-wind!

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