2017/18 – Game 02 – Round 10

After what seems like an eternity, Premier League football is back and it’s the last opportunity score points in March.

There’s only been four Premier League matches since the 12th March, and doesn’t it feel like it? Since then, we had more snow, an ex-Russian spy has been poisoned, Australians have made an example of some cricketers and Gareth Southgate is doing his best to give England football supporters high hopes of success in Russia this Summer – if Summer ever arrives in the UK this year!

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Welcome to Easter everyone… rain, rain and more rain judging by the forecast. Hopefully your Premier League Predictions will cheer you up. It’s the last opportunity to score points in the March Player of the Month race (£16.10). Currently Cynthia West sits atop the March table (with 31 points), three points clear of Steve Keay (28), with Chris Eastment a further point behind that (27). Cynthia last won a Player of the Month in October, actually sharing the prize with Martin Hayman when they both finished on 30 points.

Saturday is the last day of March, so all of the eight matches played on that day will count towards the monthly table, with the remaining two matches on Sunday kicking off the race for the final Player of the Month award for the 2017/18 season. It’s worth noting that all ten matches this weekend will contribute to your attempt to hit top spot in the One Round Wonder table.

Round Points

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Month Points

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You can also take a look at previous Player-of-the-Month tables.

Overall Points

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