2017/18 – Game 02 – Round 15

Friday match alert! Round 15 starts early this weekend with the Brighton v Man Utd match on Friday night, ahead of six matches on Saturday followed by three on Sunday.

Just two more opportunities now to score the eighteen points needed to top the One Round Wonder table, otherwise Cynthia West will be taking the £32.40 prize for her 17 points in Round 10.

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After the weekend there’s six mid-week matches to predict (one each on Tuesday and Thursday, sandwiching four on Wednesday) before the final round of the season on Sunday 13th May.

The midweek matches will count towards the Player-of-the-Month score, which is now headed by Ian Hodgson and Steve Keay (both on 35 points), but not towards any Round totals.

At the top of the main table, Martin Hayman and Craig Ellis are locked together on 113 points, although Martin has the edge with one more exact score than Craig – 20 v 19 respectively.

Eight points cover from Cynthia in third to defending champion, Jamie Sawyer, in ninth. Any one of these seven players will probably be hoping to take at least that last money paying spot at the top of the table.

Don’t forget £32.40 will also be paid to the player who finishes in tenth place, currently occupied by three players on 99 points – Chris Eastment, Trevor Shipton and Simon Allen. The final award of tenth place will be determined using exact scores where needed.

Don’t forget you can take a look at the comprehensive Game Rules anytime you like to see just what rules are used to determine league positions.

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You can also take a look at previous Player-of-the-Month tables.

Overall Points

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