Premier Predictions: Prize Money Shakeup

SPAGames have shaken up the Prize structure of Premier Predictions for the new season.

  • Twenty Point Jackpot Introduced
  • New Prize for Twentieth Place
  • Overall Winner Share Reduced

We’ll be starting Game 01 of the 2018/19 season with a record number of players and a new prize structure designed to keep interest levels higher for longer.

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Twenty Point Jackpot

The first and (maybe) most exciting change to the prizes is the introduction of the 20 Point Jackpot. This one is simple to understand, difficult to achieve and potentially very big!

Each Round £1 will be added to the 20 Point Jackpot, starting at £1 and increasing through the season. To win the Jackpot you’ll need to score 20 points in a single Round.

A Round is a group of ten matches played over a weekend (or sometimes midweek). The Rounds are clearly shown on the fixtures to predict.

If no-one wins the 20 Point Jackpot in Game 01 then it will rollover into the next game and so on with the Jackpot growing until someone wins it.

To fund the 20 Point Jackpot the money from entries 26 and 27 will be put to one side each Game.

Twentieth Position

As we (probably) pass the thirty player mark, this change was relatively predictable – a prize for 20th place.

5% of the Prize Fund will be given to this position, and will follow the same rules as those used for the Tenth Place prize.

The overall Winners Prize share will be reduced from 30% to 25% to accommodate this new prize.

A Bit More Complicated!

While the new prizes make the game a bit more complicated, they add interest and hope for those not involved in the battle for top position. Here’s a summary of all the prizes.

Overall Winner20%
Third Place10%
Fourth Place10%
Tenth Place10%
Twentieth Place5%
One Round Wonder10%
Player of the Month (x4)5%
Twenty Point Jackpot+£1 per Round
£1 for each Round of the game will be retained from the entry fees

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