Premier Predictions: Entries and Prizes

We start the new Premier League season with a post World Cup glow bringing a record number of players and our largest prize fund ever.

  • Record number of players
  • Record prize fund

Record Entries

Last season’s 24 entries was a record, but our 35 for the start of this season blows that out of the water. An extra eleven players might not seem a lot, but in percentage terms, it’s a 46% increase – not to be sneezed at!

Eleven of those players are brand new to Premier Predictions and mostly as a result of playing or knowing someone who played our Russia 2018 game.

Two of our players have returned to Premier Predictions after a break. Jemma returns after a two-and-half-year break while Tom ends his 18 month sabbatical and returns as our youngest player.

Record Prize Fund

With all our new players it’s no surprise Game 01’s Prize Fund at £472.50 is the biggest we’ve ever played for.

With the introduction of two extra prizes we’ll be playing for the following…

£111.38 – Winner
£89.10 – Runner-up
£44.55 – Third
£44.55 – Tenth
£22.28 – Twentieth
£44.55 – One Round Wonder
£22.28 – Player of the Month x4

Don’t forget the 20 Point Jackpot starts at £1 and will increase by an additional £1 for each Round nobody scores 20 points, with no upper limits and a rollover into future games if necessary.

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