2018/19 – Game 01 – Round 02

We’re up and running people, and in Alex’s case, some of us are up and running a bit more than others! This weekend sees a standard fixture set-up while there’s an exciting new page on the website for you to explore.

    • Alex sets the early pace after Round 01
    • Join our Fantasy Premier League for free
    • Twenty Point Jackpot increases
    • First Monday Night Football
    • Updated SPAPP History page
    • Round Table at the bottom of this post

Alex Sets the Early Pace (at predicting at least!)

After a weekend in which he scored points in nine out of ten matches, Alex Bridges set a half-decent One Round Wonder target in Round One. It was just the dull 0-0 draw between Southampton and Burnley which let him down.

The 15 points he did score included three Exacts and six One-Pointers, giving him a one point lead over Mark Vincent and new-to-SPAGames Marcus Allen on 14 appoints a piece.

If it’s any comfort to anyone, at the moment Alex isn’t as good at Fantasy Football management as he is at predicting football matches, being bottom of the SPAGames Fantasy Premier League after Game Week One!

Fantasy Football (it’s free you know!)

Talking of Fantasy Football, it’s still not too late to join our Fantasy Premier League and if you scored points in Game Week One then those points will be carried into our league as well, just use this league number… 406263-175942

Twenty Point Jackpot

Although Alex’s week was decent, it wasn’t enough to stop the Twenty Point Jackpot from increasing to a whole £2 for the coming Round. Don’t forget, the Twenty Point Jackpot will continue to increase by £1 for every Round nobody scores twenty points.

Did you know… if the Twenty Point Jackpot had been introduced at the start of Premier Predictions seven years ago, it would be up to around £250 now?!

First Monday Night Football of the Season

So we’ll have the first opportunity of the season to have our weekend stretched into the start of next week on Monday, when Palace entertain Liverpool in Sky’s Monday Night Football match.

Premier Predictions History

We recently updated our Premier Predictions History page to include a whole load of numbers highlighting the hero’s and villains of Premier Predictions in its first seven seasons.

When you take a look you’ll see total points for every player who’s ever played Premier Predictions, including those with just one Game under their belts.

You’ll also see average points per game and best points for a single game… oh, and the table is sortable (definitely a word!) and searchable.

Round Table

No match data available.

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