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SPAGames are excited (and a little nervous) to introduce sponsorship opportunities for all its players and friends. From a small donation to being the Title Sponsor of the whole site, there’s something to suit all budgets (I hope!).

Time and Money

Running a game such as Premier Predictions takes time and money. All sorts of tweaks and amendments are being made in the background of the game every week – most of which you might never notice. In addition to the time invested there’s also a financial cost involved and that’s where it all becomes a bit tricky.

SPAGames takes a small amount of the entry fees (10%) for Premier Predictions to cover some of the cost involved, but unfortunately, that just isn’t enough to cover the basic cost involved in keeping a website running let alone being able to implement all the exciting features that I’d like to, but that’s another story.

Your Chance to Help

With the above in mind, I’ve created four different levels of sponsorship to try and raise some funds to stop SPAGames costing more to run that it can generate. From as little as £5 you can help support our site and even get your name mentioned on our Associate Sponsors page – two of you have already taken the chance to do so.

Take me to the Sponsors page

Mark Vincent – Premier Predictions Sponsor

Mark Vincent went a couple of steps further and agreed to sponsor Game 01 of Premier Predictions for the 2018/19 season under the guise of True Potential Wealth Management. We covered Marks sponsorship earlier in the season and we’re truly grateful for his support.

On that subject, if you have any need to talk to a friendly, experienced Financial Adviser anywhere across the South Coast, please get in touch with Mark and be sure to mention SPAGames.

How Do I Get Involved

If you’d be interested in sponsoring SPAGames, including Associate Sponsorship, you can find out more on our Sponsorship Opportunities page. Here’s a quick FYI… you can use any SPAGames credit you may have or maybe use some of your winnings from the current game 🙂

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