SPAPP 2018/19 – Game 01 – Round 07

Twenty-three years ago, the immortal words “You can’t win anything with kids” were muttered by a dour, former European Cup Winner from Scotland. For seven seasons that has been the case in Premier Predictions – but is that about to change?

    • Youngest Player up to Sixth
    • Disappointed Marcus
    • Jamie & Mike still top of One Round Wonder table
    • Just nine more matches in the Player of the Month race
    • Twenty Point Jackpot continues to grow
    • League Tables at the bottom of this post

Youngest Player up to Sixth!

Tom Thorne had a great weekend in Round 06 of SPAGames Premier Predictions. In the eight matches on Saturday he nailed 15 points including four exact predictions and only drew a blank for one match – predicting that the 0-0 draw between Palace and Newcastle would be a home win.

Those 15 points put him in a strong position to take top spot in the One Round Wonder table. He would have needed just two points from the two Sunday fixtures. Unfortunately for Tom, he failed to collect any points, being caught out in particular by another goalless draw, this time West Ham v Chelsea.

Tom has moved up to sixth in the overall table, showing some very consistent form in the opening six rounds, scoring 56 points at an average of 9.33 per Round (9, 7, 9, 8, 8, 15)

Disappointed Marcus

Marcus Allen was heard to mutter (if you can be heard to mutter in a text chat!) “Ouch, I’ve taken a massive hit in the last two weeks!” – and do you know what? He’s right. In my Round 03 review I called out that although he was top, Marcus’ form was looking inconsistent.

In the three Rounds since his form has been more consistent, though from Marcus’ perspective not in a good way! After 32 points from the first three Rounds, the last three have netted him just 16 points (7, 6, 3), dropping him from top of the pile down to 15th.

One Round Wonder

Jamie Cox and Mike Hodgson are still holding sway at the top of the One Round Wonder table (16 points) despite coming under some considerable pressure from Tom in Round 06. The prize for the One Round Wonder at the end of Game 01 is £44.55.

The One round Wonder table can also be used to see how many points players have scored through the course of the Game. Enter the name of the player you want to see – the list will update as you type – and then click at the top of the columns to reorder the table.

You could order to see your flow of points per Round, or see what your top Round scores have been.

The ‘Month’ has Almost Ended!

As is traditional in Premier Predictions, the first ‘month’ of Game One actually lasts for nearly two months. After Six Rounds (60 matches), there are only nine matches left to make a play for the Player of the Month (£22.28).

Realistically, any one of the top six could take the August/September Player of the Month award, as just five points cover these players, from Mike at the top with 61 through Martin Hayman and Chris Eastment (both 60), Jamie Cox (59) and the in-form Tom with an outside chance on 56.

After September, Player of the Month will follow a more traditional pattern with prizes awarded for October, November and December.

NBThe Bournemouth v Palace match on Monday 1st October will be the first match in the October Player of the Month and as such will not count towards the August/September points.

Twenty Point Jackpot

The Jackpot will be £7 for Round 07. Don’t forget, the Twenty Point Jackpot will continue to increase by £1 for every Round nobody scores twenty points.

League Tables

Click on the table you would like to view below – Round, Month or Overall. Click on the table heading again to close it.


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