SPAPP 2018/19 – Game 01 – Round 19

What a weekend for Jemma (and Ole!), Christmas is here, Game 02 is open for entries and it’s all to play for in the last two Rounds of Game 01 – it’s a pretty busy update people (especially considering I wasn’t doing one!)!

  • Round 18: Jemma Smashed It
  • Round 19: Boxing Day (mostly)
  • Christmas Updates
  • Game 02: Entry Open
  • Game 01 Prizes: Something for Twentieth
  • Twenty Point Jackpot: Continues to Rise
  • League Tables at the bottom of this post
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Round 18: Jemma Smashed It

Round 18 was a fantastic weekend for Jemma Gibbons. She started the Round with six out of six points from the Friday evening and Saturday lunchtime matches, correctly predicting that Liverpool would win 2-0 away at Wolves (Friday) and Arsenal would beat Burnley 3-1 at the Emirates.

That was followed with another two three-pointers in the three o’clock kick-offs, leaving her with 15 points for the Round, a full six points ahead of her nearest rivals in the Round – Gary Alcroft and Jamie Cox, both on nine points.

Mike Hodgson (158 points) has the advantage in the overall table again, with a three point lead over Keith West (155). Martin Gayton is a further three points back on 152 while four points cover Simon Allen (150) in fourth to Alex Bridges (146) in seventh.

Scott Symonds has a four point lead in the December Player-of-the-Month over Martin Gayton (42) with the in-form Jemma Gibbons on 41 in third.

Round 19: Boxing Day (mostly)

Round 19 will be played almost entirely on Boxing Day, starting with Fulham v Wolves at lunchtime (12:30). There are then six matches at three o’clock, including Liverpool v Newcastle and Tottenham v Bournemouth.

Teatime (17:30) sees Arsenal travel to Brighton while at 19:45 Watford will host Chelsea. The Round will be completed with one match on Thursday (27th) evening – Southampton v West Ham. And then it will be on to the final Round of Game 01.

Christmas Updates

With 30 matches in nine days across the festive period, updating results and writing Round Updates is going to be a stretch! With that in mind, you can expect the results of each match to be updated as soon as I can after the final whistle, while the Round Updates could be non-existent.

Instead of Round Updates I may post some interesting points of note in the Facebook Chat as and when I can. Good luck to everyone over Christmas, and hopefully you’ll all be back in for Game 02 in the new year (see below).

Game 02: Entry Open

Entry to Game 02 of Premier Predictions for this season is now open. The new Game will start after a short break when Game 01 finishes – this is to give me time wrap up Game 01 and set-up Game 02. The entry fee has been held at £15, the Game will start on 12th January 2019 and run until the end of the 2018/19 Premier League season.

You can read more here.

Game 01 Prizes: Something for Twentieth

Don’t forget there are prizes available for those finishing tenth (£44.55) and twentieth (£22.28) at the end of Game 01.

The One Round Wonder prize is also still up for grabs – currently it sits with Cynthia for her 17 points in Round 07.

Twenty Point Jackpot: Continues to Rise

The Jackpot will be £19 for Round 19. Don’t forget, the Twenty Point Jackpot will continue to increase by £1 for every Round nobody scores twenty points, and will rollover into Game 02 and across seasons if it comes to it.

League Tables

Click on the table you would like to view below – Round, Month or Overall. Click on the table heading again to close it.


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