SPAPP 2018/19 – Game 01 – Round 20

As seems traditional for Boxing Day matches, there was a deluge of goals as Everton and Tottenham both scored five, while Liverpool scored four.

  • Round 19: Lloyd Comes Out of Hiding
  • Round 20: The Final Drama
  • Game 02: Entry Open
  • Twenty Point Jackpot: Continues to Rise
  • League Tables at the bottom of this post
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Round 19: Lloyd Comes Out of Hiding

Lloyd Hide quietly went about his business in Round 19, scoring 16 points in the penultimate Round of the Game. His 16 points included four exacts (three points each) and four single point predictions. Only the Man City defeat (away to Leicester) and Arsenals rout of Brighton (5-0) were blanks.

Mike Hodgson (165 points) has himself a nice five point lead over Keith West (160) going into the final Round. Martin Gayton (159) in third will be eyeing up that second spot, being just a point behind, but he should keep an eye over his should too, as Simon Allen (157), Chris Eastment (155) and Steve Keay (153) will definitely fancy their chances of finishing in the top three.

Scott Symonds retained his lead at the top of the December Player-of-the-Month table. This is Scott’s first time in Premier Predictions and it would certainly be a sweet end to that debut game if he were to land the £22.28 prize for Player of the Month.

Round 20: The Final Drama

As previously mentioned, Round 20 is in fact the last Round of Game 01. There’s no lunchtime match on Saturday (29th December), so we’ll have to wait for the five 3 o’clock kick-offs to get our first taste of action at the weekend. These matches are then followed up by the mouthwatering prospect of Liverpool v Arsenal at teatime (17:30).

Our Game 01 will complete with four matches on Sunday, starting with Palace v Chelsea at midday. There are two matches at 14:15 (Burnley v West Ham and Saints v Man City) before our game finally finishes with the Man Utd v Bournemouth match at half-past-four.

Game 02: Entry Open

Entry to Game 02 of Premier Predictions for this season is now open. The new Game will start after a short break when Game 01 finishes – this is to give me time wrap up Game 01 and set-up Game 02. The Entry Fee has been held at £15. The Game will start on 12th January 2019 and run until the end of the 2018/19 Premier League season.

Twenty Point Jackpot: Continues to Rise

The Jackpot will be £20 for Round and will continue to grow at the rate of £1 per Round until somebody achieves the magical 20 points in a Round. Should no winner be established in Game 01, then the prize will be rolled-over into Game 02 and start at £21.

League Tables

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