Premier Predictions: Entries and Prizes

Game 02 of the 2018/19 season is the sixteenth edition of Premier Predictions. We have over 30 players again – and I’m grateful to each of you for your loyalty and enthusiasm for the game.

  • Entry Numbers: Expected Reduction
  • Prize Fund: Another Way to Win
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Entry Numbers: Expected Reduction

Game 01 this season saw a considerable increase in entries compared to Game 02 of last season. That increase was as a result of our successful World Cup Predictions game. Many of the players in that who were new to SPAGames joined for their first taste of Premier Predictions.

As expected, a few of those players haven’t taken up the option of playing again, but quite a few have. Of the eleven new Players in Game 01, seven have signed up to play again in Round 02. Disappointingly, we’ve only picked up one brand new player in the form of Jamie Lundgren, while Derek Wilson returns after a one game break.

The net result is an entry list of 31 players, just four less than Game 01. Of those 31 entries, 29 played in Game 01. Five of those players will have played in all 16 editions of Premier Predictions – Mike Hodgson (4 wins), Simon Allen (3), Gareth Bridges (1), Dave Mason (1) and Jason Brown. You can see the overall stats table for all players (ever!) on the Premier Predictions History page.

Prize Fund: Another Way to Win

With reduced entry numbers from Game 01, unsurprisingly the prize fund for Game 02 isn’t a new high like we saw at the start of the season, but it is still a healthy £391.50

A twelfth different way of winning money has also been introduced. The player finishing the Game in fourth place will now collect 10% of the prize fund. To accommodate this new prize, the Winner and Runner-up prizes have been reduced – therefore in Game 02 of the 2018/19 season we’ll be playing for the following…

£78.30 – Winner
£58.73 – Runner-up
£39.15 – Third
£39.15 – Fourth
£39.15 – Tenth
£19.58 – Twentieth
£39.15 – One Round Wonder
£19.58 – Player of the Month x4

Don’t forget the 20 Point Jackpot starts at £21 and will increase by an additional £1 for each Round nobody scores 20 points, with no upper limits and a rollover into future games if necessary.

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