Football Stockmarket (£10 Bonus)

Football Index is the world’s first Football Stockmarket where you can Buy & Sell footballers with real money. I’ve been playing a while and thought I’d give you the opportunity too.

Of course there’s something in it for me, well, and you too. If you sign up with my exclusive link then we both get a £10 bonus – that’s £10 to turn into real money by investing in the fortunes of any player in world football.

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Investing and Stuff

You buy and sell real life players on the Football Index stockmarket. The idea is to increase your money by having a portfolio of players who can gain value in three different ways…

  • Changes in Footballer Prices – The fluctuations in player prices provides a great opportunity to profit from trading either long or short term. Simply Buy Low and Sell High for maximum profits.
  • Media Rankings – 25 UK News Feeds produce the definitive ‘trending’ Footballer each day. Media Dividends pay out 365 Days a Year, and when there’s no football, three places pay out!
  • Match Day Rankings – Driven by Opta Data Performance Rankings, there are four separate dividend opportunities in Top Forward, Midfielder and Defender, plus Top Overall Footballer

You can play using the Football Index mobile apps on Android and iPhone or any laptop or PC.

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