Official Fantasy F1 2019

SPAGames official Fantasy F1 league has been created for you to join. It’s free and easy to enter – could make the long footballess Summer pass quicker!

It might seem a little off the beaten track for us, but actually, A Fantasy F1 game was created and played by SPAGames players as far back as 2000.

This game isn’t run by us though, it is in fact though the Official F1 Fantasy game. It’s very similar to Fantasy Premier League in so far as you select your line-up (five drivers, one constructor) and enter private leagues.

Enter League: 1865f55c2f

The season starts this weekend in Australia. You have until qualifying starts to get in the game – that’s until 6am on Saturday 16th March, so what are you waiting for?!

It’s free to play and there’s no prize, but if you like or follow F1 then why not join in. It takes less than five minutes to select your drivers, then simply join the SPAGames mini league (1865f55c2f).

Enter League: 1865f55c2f

I’ll be playing anyway, so would be good to have competition other than in the overall table.

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