Rising Costs

The 2016/17 season was the first full season of Premier Predictions being 100% online. It was an exciting time for SPAGames and its loyal players. But times change and sometimes it’s hard to move with them.

Moving online brought the promise of a streamlined process for me (the admin), convenience for you (the players) and no upper limit on the number of people who could play.

The new online experience certainly did deliver the first two aspects, but the hoped for increase in players never happened. The 2018 World Cup in Russia introduced a number of new players to SPAGames and, as a result, the number of entries into Premier Predictions swelled to 35 for Game 01 of last season.

Slow Growth and Options

Unfortunately, the slow growth of Premier Predictions has caused it to run at a loss since moving online three years ago. The increasing debt has now brought the game to its knees. I can no longer justify the losses the game incurs in website fees.

With the above in mind, it’s with a heavy heart that I’ve had to consider my options. These boil down to just two… close the game down, or reassess the entry fee.

New Pricing Structure

We’ve played Premier Predictions for a long time (8 seasons) and I’ve run games for a lot longer (since 1998). I’m not quite ready to call it a day yet, but the game needs to start paying for itself.

Therefore, I will try and launch Game 01 of Premier Predictions in 2019/20 with a £25 entry fee. £15 of the entry fee will go towards prizes – that’s an increase of £1.50 on the current contribution. Obviously that means £10 will be retained to run the game.

Fingers Crossed

I appreciate it’s a considerable investment when there are alternatives you can play for less, or even free. I hope enough of you have enjoyed the game to feel the considerable increase is worth it… but there’ll be no hard feelings if not.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the Summer and thanks for reading, Simon.


  1. I will be staying. It’s great fun and that £25 is for five months roughly, so approx £1.25 a week!!
    Great value “me thinks” as Yoda would say. Looking forward to it and also to the Game when Bristol Rovers will be a part of it!!!!!!!

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