Premier Predictions 2019/20 is Open

It hardly seems a week ago that Liverpool and Man City were battling for the Premier League title but entry is already open to our Premier Predictions game for the 2019/20 season.

At the time of writing it’s not even July but, but our flagship game is now open for entries – that’s a full 41 days before the Premier League season starts! If you’ve read our article about the rising costs of running a small website, then you’ll already be aware of the main difference between this seasons game and previous versions… that of cost.

Is it worth it?

It was with a heavy heart that I needed to raise the cost of entry to £25. In certain terms it still presents good value – just £1.22 a week for Game 01 which will run from the start of the season to New Years Eve.

It should also be considered, that as well as a small equivalent cost per week, the chances of winning some money back are quite high. In Game 02 of last season, nine (out of 31) players managed to win one of the eleven prizes available – that’s almost a third of all players.

As to whether the game is worth half-a-coffee per week is up to you. I’ll be waiting with crossed fingers and baited breath for a positive outcome.

“I will be staying. It’s great fun and that £25 is for five months roughly, so approx £1.25 a week!!
Great value “me thinks” as Yoda would say. Looking forward to it and also to the Game when Bristol Rovers will be a part of it!!!!!!!”

Dave Mason, long-time Premier Predictions Player and winner in 2015/16 (Game 02)

It’s Personal

Another advantage of our game is the personal nature of the competition. If you can persuade a friend, colleague or family member to play, things get competitive quickly with so few people playing. It’s not like other games where you play against thousands of faceless players.

So don’t let the increased entry fee put you off – if you fancy it, dive right in and join now, or get in touch if you have any questions.

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