Fantasy Premier League with SPAGames

The SPAGames FPL mini-league is available to play in again for the 2019/20 season – it’ll be the third season in-a-row you’ve been able to join our mini-league.

If you want to dive straight in and join our mini-league, because you know what Fantasy Premier League (FPL) is all about, then the code you need is… acouuw

What’s it About?

For the uninitiated, FPL is the official Fantasy Football game of the Premier League. You pick a squad of 15 real-life players with your (obviously imaginary) £100m budget at the start of the season. You can select a maximum of three players from any one Premier League club and then what those players do in real life earn you points.

In our mini-league last year we had about forty teams. At the time of writing (three weeks before the start of the season) we have 55 teams. It’s free to play and there’s a buzzing FPL community on Twitter as well as Reddit. SPAGames is an active member of the Twitter FPL Community… our handle is @AdminSPA – give us a follow.

Tell me more!

You can enter online at Official Fantasy Premier League website. Once you’ve created your squad and given them an amusing name you can join up to 20 mini-leagues. Our hope is you’ll join ours and help us to grow even further – you can do that by entering our mini-league code… acouuw

Premier Predictions

Premier Predictions is our flagship game based on the English Premier League. We’re always looking for new players and we run two games a season.

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