Darts Partnership

The more observant will have noticed a sneaky page about darts added to the site about a month ago. You may be wondering what that is about. Well I’m gonna tell you…

I’ve played league darts since I was about 14 in 1986. I used to be quite good, now I’m above average, but enjoy playing on a Monday each week.

Wimborne Minster

In the Winter I play in the top section of the Wimborne Minster Darts League (WMDL) – that’s the same league that former BDO World Champion Scott Mitchell plays in. Impressed? Yeah? Well don’t be, it’s a long time since I beat him!

The WMDL is a well established league of nearly 40 years, whereas the league I play in on Monday in the Summer is just finding its feet, having only been around for a few years. It’s sponsored by a local pub and as such is called the Shoulder of Mutton Summer Darts League (SOMSDL).

Shoulder of Mutton

The SOMSDL is using a Facebook Group to pass on messages, convey news and collect match results. It was also using the group to publish the league tables.

I didn’t feel this was the best way to do that, so I offered a space on our site to host the tables. The offer was excepted and the darts league table page was born… so now you know.

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