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Thank You

Just a little bit before this season started I announced SPAGames was in some financial trouble. The game had been losing money over the course of years and something had to change.

I published that story (including the price rise news) with some trepidation and expected not to be publishing another Prize Money story. After some considerable support though, here is that Prize Money story and I can’t thank you all enough for your support and messages of goodwill.

It might just be that people are playing because they enjoy it, which is a great compliment to the game if that is the case.

Prize Money

Not only has the survived, to a certain extent it grew as we gained three new players and had another return to the game to leave us with 30 players and a prize fund £450.

Twenty pound of that fund will be set aside for the Twenty Point Jackpot which started the Game at £38 and will rise by an extra pound for each Round nobody manages to score the magical twenty points.

As well as the Twenty Point Jackpot there are many other ways to win a prize – you can see them all in the table below…

Prize Fund

WinnerSPAPP Winner at the end of the Game£86.00
Runner-upThe player in second place at the end of the game£64.50
Third PlaceThe player in third place at the end of the game£43.00
Fourth PlaceThe player in fourth place at the end of the game£43.00
Tenth PlaceThe player in tenth (yes, tenth) place at the end of the game£43.00
Twentieth PlaceThe player in tenth place at the end of the game (OMG, 20th!?)£21.50
One Round WonderThe player who scores the most points in a single round. A round is considered to be a group of ten matches played over one weekend or mid-week schedule£43.00
Player of the Month (x4)The player who scores the most points in each calendar month. The first prize is awarded for August & September combined£21.50

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