SPAPP 2019/20 – Game 01: The End

The seventeenth game of Premier Predictions ended in a flurry of matches as the kick-off times were splattered all across Christmas!

  • The Top Four
  • One Round Wonder and Twenty Point Jackpot
  • Tenth and Twentieth
  • Martins View: Squeaky Bum Time
  • Who Won What?
  • Game 02: Not Long to Wait

The Top Four

We’re crowning Martin Magookin as champion in just his third game of Premier Predictions. He eventually won the title by a clear seven points from Simon Allen and Gareth Bridges. This was Gareth’s first top four finish since his win in Game 02 of the 2016/17 season and Simon’s third top four finish in-a-row.

Talking of Simon and Gareth, they actually finished in equal second place with identical records (153 points, 28 exacts) and shared the Runner-up and Third place prizes equally, collecting £53.75 each.

In his 15 games, Martin Hayman has finished in the top four no less than eight times, but not yet managed to land the title of Champion. His two runners-up, three thirds and numerous Player of the Months have netted him almost £350 in prizes since his debut way back in 2012.

One Round Wonder & Twenty Point Jackpot

The One Round Wonder was shared three ways in Game 01. Cynth West, Steve Keay and Champion, Martin Magookin all scored 14 points in Round 07. They collect £14.33 each.

The Twenty Point Jackpot continues to be pretty elusive and has gone un-won for 57 Rounds now – that’s a season-and-a-half. It will start Game 02 of the 2019/20 Premier Predictions season on £58 and will increase by £1 for each Round nobody scores twenty points.

Tenth and Twentieth

Scott Symonds ‘defended’ his title won in Game 02 last season by finishing in twentieth and increasing his winnings to £141.66 in just three games. Scott finished on the same points as Cynth West and Miles Chapman, but unfortunately for them, their Exact Scores were more than Scott and that determines the league order where the total points are equal – that’s unlucky guys.

Tenth place was collected by Lloyd Hide who can feel lucky that his inferior Exact Scores, when compared to Mike Hodgson, worked in his favour as he collected that prize (£43.00).

Martins View: Squeaky Bum Time

As is traditional now, we asked the newly crowned Champion to give us a few words, once the excitement of it all had subsided…

“I must admit I had second thoughts about entering. I already enter the Sun Dream Team, Fantasy Premier League as well as Talksports ‘I Know the Score’ – always been absolutely useless at them and usually give up, especially Dream Team. But I thought I will give it a go and lo and behold actually won it!

“It got a bit ‘squeaky bum’ time in the last couple of rounds, especially with you [Simon] close behind. I thought “I gotta beat the main man”, lol. I even studied a bit more. Was gutted when Vardy was ruled out for Leicester v West Ham and was going to change the score to a draw. But I’m glad I didn’t as that helped to get that one right.

“It was nice to win the November player of the month. Got close to December also, but I’m not greedy. All in all it’s been an enjoyable comp and I’m very pleased and honoured to win it.

“Thank you for organising and running this competition Simon. I might even try again in the 2nd half comp.”

Martin Magookin, Premier Predictions Champion – Game 01, 2019/20

Who Won What?

Martin Magookin£121.83Champion (£86.00)
One Round Wonder (£14.33)
PotM - November (£21.50)
Simon Allen£75.25Runner-up (£53.75)
PotM - December (21.50)
Martin Hayman£64.50Fourth Place (£43.00)
PotM Aug/Sep (£21.50)
Gareth Bridges£53.75Runner-up
Lloyd Hide£43.00Tenth Place
Scott Symonds£21.50Twentieth Place
Mike Hodgson£21.50PotM - Oct
Cynthia West£14.33One Round Wonder
Steve Keay£14.33One Round Wonder

Game 02: Not Long to Wait

There’s no rest for the wicked! Game 02 of the 2019/20 Premier Predictions starts with the Sheffield United v West Ham match on Friday 10th January – that’s a break of just twelve days.

Have a great new year everyone, and thanks for playing in 2019.


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